Introducing Dr. Frank Scott

Dr Frank Scott studied Clinical Pathology, qualified, and specialised in Medical Microbiology at Tygerberg Hospital in the Western Cape. After a lengthy period of working in pathology and assisting in research, he became disillusioned with allopathic medicine which only treated the symptom and not the cause of illness. He decided to further his studies in naturopathic medicine, which treats the cause of illness; not the symptom, and qualified as a Naturopath in 2002. At the same time he studied Iridology through the Felke Institute of Germany and passed the International Masters Examination also in 2002. In 2004 Dr. Scott was allowed to write the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa’s board examination (theory and practical) which he passed and was officially registered as a Naturopath and allowed to get a practice number which is necessary in order for patients to be reimbursed from their medical aid schemes.

His knowledge and passion for clinical medicine, pathology, natural medicine, homeopathy and iridology enable him to administer treatment for all acute and chronic illnesses As he is a registered professional, he is allowed to administer certificates for sick leave to patients.


D. Clinical Pathology - 1982

D. Microbiology - 1982

D. Natural Medicine - 2000

D. Naturopathy (ND) - 2002

Masters Iridology (Felke Institute Germany- Professional International Examination) - 2002


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Maternal Chest Radiography as Supporting Evidence for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Childhood – July 1990

Respiratory Tuberculosis in Childhood: The Diagnostic Value of Clinical Features and Special Investigations

Genital Tuberculosis at Tygerberg Hospital Prevalence, Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis

A Decade of Experience with M. Tuberculosis Culture from Children – July 1994

Tuberculosis in Children: An Evaluation of Clinical Features and Special Investigations as Diagnostic Criteria – July 1994

Respiratory Tuberculosis in Childhood: The Diagnostic Value of Clinical Features and Special Investigations.

Semen Culture of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis – A prospective Study

The Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis in a High Incidence Community: Endogenous Reactions versus Exogenous


General Comments.

Appointed to Safety Officer of Medical Microbiology by Dr. R. Robson and Professor Patrick Bouic – 1994 to 1996

Reappointed to Safety Officer of Medical Microbiology and Member of Tygerberg Hospital Safety Committee by Dr. E.A. le Roux – 2/10/1996






Practice Number 1010000168416